Unaccompanied Migrant Children (UMC)


- Ensuring the protection of the rights of UMCs and providing them with legal, social, and psychosocial support;

- Promoting the professional and social integration of young migrants who are able to settle;

- Promoting migration prevention in countries of origin.


Legal, social, and psychosocial support of children upon arrival

After crossing the Mediterranean in precarious conditions, the arrival of UMCs at landing points is a crucial moment to identify children in vulnerable situations.

AMADE supports local partners in:

- Identifying children in vulnerable situations, especially those who have lost their parents;

- Providing psychosocial and legal support to children and their families;

- Promoting childcare by creating spaces dedicated to UMCs (early childhood and leisure activities, access to healthcare, etc.).

Professional and social integration of teenagers who have settled in Europe

Some young people arriving in Europe are allowed to settle there. This opportunity often requires some investment in terms of training to acquire a professional qualification but also in cultural terms, such as learning the language and culture of the host country.

AMADE supports projects to:

- Support vocational training for young migrants;

- Promote social integration;

- Promote the dialogue between cultures and the creation of social links.

Awareness and migration prevention

While immigration may be perceived by some as a threat, AMADE strives to humanise these stories. Therefore, it gives voice to these young people so that they can share their hopes and dreams in this search for a better life.

Exile is also often synonymous with disillusionment, suffering, and exploitation. Out of coyness or fear of disappointing the family, young victims do not dare to talk to their communities of origin, perpetuating the exodus myth.

AMADE provides aid to:

- Document the paths of young migrants;

- Raise awareness among the public and develop advocacy on the situation (legal, social, human) of UMCs;

- Prevent migration in countries of origin by raising young people's awareness of the reality endured by their elders and supporting local job creation.

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Support of migrants children in Vintimiglia

Protection - Unaccompanied Minors

Provide legal, cultural, and linguistic support to children and migrant families in Ventimiglia, Italy.
Offer to the Ventimiglia migrant camp a space entirely dedicated to children in which they have access to fun and recreational activities.



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