AMADE partners with local businesses and individuals, NGOs and social entrepreneurs with high potential


We have chosen not to operate directly, as local businesses and individuals are better able to provide appropriate, local, effective and sustainable responses to the problems faced by children in their communities.


We therefore prioritise supporting and strengthening NGOs or social entrepreneurs with proven expertise and a strong development potential, embodied by strong and inspiring leadership and driven by a vision.


These partners are identified after a rigorous and detailed analysis of their governance, their strategy, their operational and financial processes, and their human capital.




AMADE is a catalyst for impactful projects


AMADE is at the forefront of the programmes Energy of Hope, Dignity for Women, Capoeira for Peace and Unaccompanied Migrant Children, targeting serious issues that children face. These programmes include specific projects carried out by our local partners.


Projects are identified according to the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability and innovative nature of the solutions proposed.


Each project is monitored and evaluated in the field by our project team. AMADE supervises setting up activities and achieving the set objectives, ensures the granted funding is being properly managed and evaluates the results obtained. We also commission impact studies.


In addition to co-financing the projects, AMADE accompanies NGOs and social entrepreneurs in their development, reinforcing their capacities to organise, operate and mobilise resources, helping to diversify partners and when possible, adopt sustainable economic models.


These supported NGOs and social entrepreneurs constitute the AMADE network, which meets once a year at AMADE's headquarters in Monaco to encourage the exchange of experiences, identify collaborations and encourage the spread of good practices. Our major donors and partner companies are associated with this network.