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Since 2015, more than a million migrants or refugees have sought asylum in Europe, fleeing poverty, political unrest, or war. Italy – and more particularly the ports of Augusta, Pozzallo, Palermo, and Trapani – remains the port of entry by which the greatest number of migrants arrive; 177,533 in 2016.

The percentage of unaccompanied minors is by far the highest compared to the total number of minors arriving in Italy, accounting for almost 15% of the total number of arrivals by sea. In 2016, the number of unaccompanied minors was 24,235.

With hopes of joining other European countries, nearly 600 migrants transit Ventimiglia daily.  The city is a strategic crossing point for those hoping to access French territory. Should they make it across the border, the French authorities often take them back to Ventimiglia, even if they are minors.

The municipality hasn’t established a specific facility dedicated to families with children and unaccompanied minors. A temporary camp runed by the Red Cross was opened near the highway on the city outskirts to accommodate all migrants without distinction, but conditions for the more than 350 people staying there are unsanitary and crowded.

In view of these conditions, there are many unaccompanied minors, women, and families who prefer to settle under the bridge at Via Tenda outside the camp, susceptible to smugglers and human traffickers.

To date, more than 200 people have been identified in this area.

In addition to the partnership established with Terre des Hommes Italy on the psychological, psychosocial and legal care of UMM, AMADE and the Monegasque Red Cross have joined forces to set up and equip a "children and mother space" module in which they have access to recreational and recreational activities.

Completed activities

- Information on the services available to migrants and referencing dedicated services
- Legal information and legal support
- Cultural mediation
- Dialogue with local authorities


- 800 people had access to Red Cross basic services point, and to materials to inform them about the basic services offered in Ventimiglia

- A total of 216 people among minors, families, and pregnant women were directly and individually assisted

- 127 people among minors, families, and pregnant women received legal support from Terre des Hommes

- 20 beneficiaries of the Scholarship program are attending technical courses in Italy

-  Children from Roya camp were offered a space where have access to recreational activities


Support of migrants children in Vintimiglia

  • Italy


  • Project status


  • Duration

    2017 - 2018

  • Funding

    41 612 €

  • Beneficiaries

    Children and migrant families transiting via Ventimiglia

  • Partners

    Terre des Hommes Italy
    Italian Red Cross
    Monegasque Red Cross

  • Objectives

    Provide legal, cultural, and linguistic support to children and migrant families in Ventimiglia, Italy.
    Offer to the Ventimiglia migrant camp a space entirely dedicated to children in which they have access to fun and recreational activities.


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