Ensuring reception, guidance and occupationnal integration of unaccompanied minors

Within the framework of its Unaccompanied Minors program, AMADE continues to support the Solidarité Notre Dame de Tanger association (ASNDT) to provide a psychosocial guidance to unaccompanied minors in Paris, in order to insure their social and occupational integration.


An initial partnership with the ASNDT initiated in 2019 supported the reception and accompaniment of 21 unaccompanied minors and isolated young people. To date, 11 of them have obtain a student visa and 5 are now autonomous and integrated within the French society.


This new partnership for the 2022–2023 year will allow 17 young people to be supported towards their socioprofessional integration, but also to support the association’s development, so that it can build a methodology in service to isolated young people in Paris.


For further information about the projetct : https://www.amade.org/en/missions/protection/unaccompanied-minors/reception-and-guidance-of-unaccompanied-minors-in-paris.html