A Kit for Dignity in the Face of Menstrual and Hygienic Precarity for Displaced Young Women and Girls in North Kivu: Project Launch

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, an estimated 300 000 displaced people are currently residing in Goma. Recurrent clashes between members of the M23 armed group and the Congolese army contribute to the deterioration of living conditions for populations in North Kivu, including women exposed to sexual and gender-based violence in the displacement zones. On the sanitary level, hygiene during menstruation remains a real challenge for these women owing to a lack of means. The women resort to using all kinds of protection during their periods, exposing themselves to numerous risks of urogenital infections that endanger their lives.

Within the framework of its intervention in this urgent context, AMADE joins forces with the Panzi Foundation with the aim of ensuring access to these dignity kits for 330 war-displaced young women and girls in North Kivu, in the Nyiragongo and Lubero health zones.

The project developed by AMADE and the Panzi Foundation aims to distribute 330 dignity kits to young women and girls of reproductive age within the Nyiragongo and Lubero health zone. This initiative reinforces the emergency food and humanitarian aid alliance between the Panzi Foundation and Caritas, thus contributing to improving the living conditions of displaced populations.

For more information, click here: https://www.amade.org/en/missions/urgence-post-urgence/health-emergency/a-kit-for-dignity-in-the-face-of-menstrual-and-hygienic-precarity-for-displaced-young-women-and-girls-in-north-kivu.html