The recurrent clashes between members of the armed group M23 and the Congolese army contribute to the deterioration of living conditions of civilian populations in North Kivu, already under severe strain. Over 300 000 people have been displaced to Goma, according to humanitarian stakeholders. The displaced find themselves in extremely difficult conditions when they are accommodated at improvised sites (schools or churches).


In particular, women are exposed to the risks of sexual and sexist violence in displacement zones.


Menstrual hygiene is a real challenge for these women, who resort to all kinds of protection during this period and thus encounter numerous risks of urogenital infection which, if poorly treated or untreated, endanger their lives.  


In this context, AMADE supports the Panzi Foundation, active on the ground to provide dignity kits for the internally displaced and other initiatives pertaining to the improvement of the living conditions of populations.


Completed activities


- Distribution of 330 dignity kits within the camps of displaced persons in the health zone of Nyiragongo and Lubero

In collaboration with the displaced committees and in consultation with the other humanitarian stakeholders working in displaced persons camps in North Kivu, 330 dignity kits will be distributed to young women and girls of reproductive age in the Nyiragongo and Lubero health zone. These dignity kits will contain reusable hygienic pads, underwear, soap, toothpaste… and respond to the national standards put in place by the national sub-cluster Gender-Based Violence, governed by the UNFPA.  This action provides additional support to the aid provided by Caritas in North Kivu.



Expected Results:

– 330 young women and girls of reproductive age will enjoy (free) dignity kits

– Urogenital diseases will be reduced

– These young women and girls are less exposed to sexual and sexist violence

Emergency / Post-Emergency

A kit for dignity in the face of menstrual and hygienic precarity for displaced young women and girls in North Kivu

  • Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The

    Province du Nord-Kivu

  • Project status

    In progress

  • Duration


  • Funding

    10 000

  • Beneficiaries

    330 young women and girls of reproductive age at internally displaced persons camps in North Kivu province.

  • Partners

    Panzi Foundation

  • Objectives


    – Contribute to the improvement in living conditions for young women and girls displaced by war in North Kivu Province, and their host families.

    – Reinforce the protection of war-displaced young women and girls against the new risks of sexual and sexist violence during their period of displacement.

    – Improve the sexual and reproductive health of young women and girls by protecting them against urogenital diseases that could occur due to inadequate menstrual hygiene.