On the 8th of November 2013, typhoon Hayan hit the Philipino archipelago. Considered as one of the most violent typhoons in history (level 5), it caused the death of several thousand people, most of them children, directly affecting nearly 14 million people and led to more than 670,000 internally displaced persons.

In the aftermath of the disaster, AMADE, in conjunction with the Virlanie Foundation who works to protect and reintegrate street children in the Philippines, travelled to Tacloban on the island of Negros, which was one of the regions most affected by this disaster in order to help children and their families that were directly affected by this typhoon.

One of the top priorities identified by AMADE in conjuction with local authorities, and with the support of Red Cross Monaco and the Department of International Cooperation, was the renovation of Tiglawigan Elementary School whose 800 student capacity was largely devastated by the typhoon.

Completed activities

- 9 damaged classrooms were to be rebuilt, renovated and equipped to ensure students' safety. In addition, 4 new classrooms will be built and fully equipped, in addition to a refectory.

- Support for schooling was also provided to 200 pupils selected from among the most vulnerable and most affected by the disaster.

Results found

- The school's renovation was completed in 2015, enabling 884 pupils attending the school before the typhoon hit to return to school. The inauguration of the school took place in February 2016. Building works were completed for the 9 classrooms and a refectory, as well as the renovation of 14 classrooms. All the buildings in the complex have been renovated according to the new antiseismic and anticyclonic standards adopted by the Philippine Ministry of Education of the Philippines following typhoon Hayan.

- The 200 most disadvantaged pupils also benefited from AMADE's support in the form of school kits consisting of supplies and textbooks, which enabled these children to return to school in the best possible conditions.

- The Virlanie Foundation and AMADE also took charge of furniture (tables, chairs, fans) in certain renovated or equipped structures.

Emergency / Post-Emergency

Typhon Haïyan - Reconstruction of the Tiglawigan primary school

  • Philippines

    Ile de Negros

  • Project status


  • Duration


  • Funding

    137 570 €

  • Beneficiaries

    884 students from the Tiglawigan college

  • Partners

    Virlanie Foundation

    Department of International Cooperation Monaco

    Monaco Red Cross

  • Objectives

    To contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of children affected by the typhoon through access to quality primary education.



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