The World Association of Children's Friends is committed to the protection and development of children throughout the world

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Child protection

Child protection is defined as the set of rights and duties whose ultimate interest is that of the child. Indeed, minors have specific needs that need to be addressed and their vulnerability sometimes results in "unacceptable" abuse and labour (child soldiers, prostitution, pornography, forced labour, trafficking and illicit activities).

AMADE Mondiale and child protection

Our association, AMADE Mondiale, has as its main commitment the protection of children, the defence of minors and the fight against all forms of abuse. The association's various fields and missions in the field of child protection are shared as follows:

- Protection from violence, exploitation and abuse


- Strengthening the quality of primary education, girls' access to secondary education, mother's literacy


- Prevention of infant mortality, fight against neglected diseases, training of health workers

Emergency / post-emergency

- Response to natural disasters, refugee children, unaccompanied migrant children

Awareness-raising & advocacy

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To act and support AMADE Mondiale's action in favour of child protection, you have the possibility to make a donation directly online:

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- Legacies for child protection

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