Our Donors


The work that AMADE carries out is only possible thanks to the support of its donors. Whether you are an individual, a major donor or a company, your commitment to us is precious and allows us to finance the projects in our portfolio.


Dedicated expertise for a strong impact  


The range of expertise that AMADE has developed allows us to identify and propose high-impact projects, capable of providing effective and sustainable solutions that benefit vulnerable children around the world.


100% of donations go directly to our projects


Depending on your personal sensibility and expectations you can select the programme or project you wish to support. 100% of donations received go directly to the projects.


In addition to the support provided by our individual donors, AMADE has developed a dedicated Philanthropic offer for its major donors, creating meaning and shared values and allowing companies to provide concrete examples of the commitments they have made in their CSR strategy (Corporate Social Responsibility). 




Enabling more people to support vulnerable children


Because everyone counts, join the circle of AMADE's donors.


Whether it's a one-off donation, a monthly donation or a donation earmarked for a particular project, discover all the possibilities available to you.

Make a donation to AMADE


The AMADE Children's Fund, part of the King Baudouin Foundation, allows our donors who are taxable in Europe (France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Denmark...) to benefit from tax advantages specific to their country of taxation:

Make a donation to AMADE Fund for Children


In the United States, our donors can support AMADE through our American Friends Fund:

Make a donation to the AMADE American Friends Fund




AMADE's Philanthropic Offer dedicated to major donors


Listening to the needs of major donors: 


We accompany you in helping to identify and choose the best partnership opportunities to meet your expectations.


Our expertise, wide network and presence in the field allow us to offer you the possibility to support a programme, develop an existing project that touches you or create a dedicated fund that meets your expectations.


Our philanthropic offer includes advice and support, help identifying beneficiary organisations and projects, due diligence, drawing up contracts for partnerships, monitoring project implementation and evaluating results and impact.


You can benefit from AMADE’s expertise and network while setting up a dedicated fund to turn your philanthropic project into a reality that aligns with your ambition and motivations. You set your own objectives for this fund.


AMADE gives you the opportunity to share the highlights of the projects you support, to see for yourself the impact of your donations in the field, to meet our partners and to share the life of the beneficiaries.


Our dedicated team (philanthropie@amade.org) is at your disposal.



AMADE partners with responsible companies


You are a responsible company, willing to get involved to improve the lives of vulnerable children.


You want to provide innovative solutions to the major challenges we face in the fields of education, health and child protection.


You are recognised for your international outlook, your involvement in the fields of sustainable development and innovation, and your commitment to your customers and employees as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility policy.


You wish to highlight the talents of your employees and share this commitment with your customers. 


AMADE gives you the opportunity to provide concrete examples of your commitment to helping improve the childhood of vulnerable children, through a partnership that creates meaning and shared values.