Capoeira for Peace


- Promoting the practice of capoeira as a means of accompanying the demobilisation and reintegration of children associated with armed forces and groups;

- Developing expertise around social capoeira and extending it to the care of vulnerable children: street children, young female victims of sexual violence, internally displaced children, or refugees;

- Promoting the development of a community dedicated to the promotion of social capoeira.


Support for the demobilisation and reintegration of demobilised children from armed forces and groups

Integrating the practice of capoeira as part of the process of demobilisation and reintegration of children from armed groups into transit and orientation centres (Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Mali...).

Disseminating the values of capoeira within the community (families, schools...).

Raising the awareness of children as to their rights and promoting their access to primary and secondary education.

This inclusive approach has the following objectives:

- Contributing to the process of physical reconstruction and psychosocial rehabilitation;

- Favouring the return to families and the community;

- Promoting inclusion, citizenship, access to education, and gender equality.

Social capoeira as a tool for the care of vulnerable children

Social capoeira, a concept developed by AMADE and its partners, is an integrated approach that includes the various dimensions of capoeira and facilitates the long rehabilitation process.

In addition to children from armed groups, this expertise is also available for the care of children in highly vulnerable situations.

AMADE thus promotes the training of educators and instructors in social capoeira to disseminate the practice of capoeira within structures and NGOs caring for vulnerable children: young female victims of sexual violence, street children....

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