Mission to Lebanon : Saint Joseph Brothers school

Following the double explosion at the Beyrouth port on August 4, 2020, AMADE, Les Amis du Liban and Monaco Aide et Présence, immediately implemented, as part of their Emergency / Post-emergency program, a total restructuring of the Saint Joseph Brothers school in the heart of the Christian quarter of Achrafieh.

As a private establishment founded in 1966, this school was in dire need of rehabilitation of its infrastructure as well as the establishment of a structured educational project.

On site, during their last joint missions in Lebanon, in November of 2021, those three associations made a first positive assessment regarding the rehabilitation of the premises and school monitoring.

350 students of different nationalities and religions now enjoy classrooms, playgrounds, and outdoor spaces. These spaces are dedicated to small classes, that fit perfectly with the requirements for a proper functioning of their schooling.

Objective: Set up a school project, an educational project, a definition and the adoption of financial and human resources management tools.

In order to rely on strong local expertise, AMADE, Les Amis du Liban, Monaco Aide et Présence, join the Lebanese NGO “Paradis d'Enfants” to support the entire teaching and administrative staff of the Saint Joseph Brothers school in its global restructuring.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-fJiGAVbIs