Rehabilitation of street girls accused of witchcraft

In recent years, the phenomenon of "children witches" has grown in the streets of Kinshasa. Prisca, Sidonie, and dozens of other girls, have in common to have been marginalized by their relatives because of accusations of witchcraft carried on them in particular by some pastors of evangelical churches that abound in the city.

Nearly 10,000 girls called "witches" aged 10 to 17 years haunt the streets of Kinshasa. Survival in this most hostile environment involves the endurance of many abuses and abuses.

AMADE and the Center Vivre et Travail Autrement (VTA) have thus established a partnership around the protection and care of young girls accused of witchcraft. Since 2014, the funding allocated under this partnership has ensured the reintegration of 17 girls in their families and the comprehensive care (housing, education, health) of 30 girls aged 8 to 17 years old in a situation of great vulnerability.

This partnership is reinforced today by the expertise brought to VTA by the association ACAY, partner association of AMADE in the Philippines and benefiting from a recognized experience in the field of the reintegration of young girls victims of abuse.


Prisca and Sidonie testify:

"I say thank you to AMADE for supporting me this year. I had difficulty paying school fees but your help brought me many things such as joy, peace, stability, hope and the desire to continue my studies in peace. That's why, I worked well and got 73%, third of the class. Next year, I will be in Secondary II. Thank you »Prisca

"I am a student at the Higher Institute of Medical Technology. I am at the end of my second year in nursing, I am awaiting the deliberation at the end of which I will spend my last year of graduate study. Your help allows me to become a considered, responsible and useful woman in society. " Sidonie