Louis Germain Institute - Easter holiday course

The fifth annual course of the Louis Germain Institute took place on the second week of the Easter holiday in Saint Jean d'Angély University, Nice.

38 girls and boys from seventh to nineth grade of priority education high schools have participated to a studious week to broaden their knowledge of core subjects such as Literature, History, Mathematics and Physics.

Through these courses, the Louis Germain Institute wants to guide talented, ambitious and knowledge-thirsty young people who come from a disadvantaged environment that does not favor academic success.

This project aims at giving them the rules, the pedagogic and human background necessary to help them fulfil their academic and professional dreams. The success of this ambitious project can already be measured through the strong involvment of the students, their thirst for knowledge and their interest, whatever the subject.

The Louis Germain institute has organized 30 courses in the Aix-Marseille and Nice academies since its creation in 2006. Nearly 500 students from seventh to twelfth grade benefited from these courses, which were made possible through partnerships with 27 schools and 50 teachers.

To this day, 30 students of the Institue successfully passed the Baccalauréat and continue with higher education. Among these successful young men and women, 10 have entered preparatory classes in Sciences or Business (2 of them in the prestigious Lycée Louis Legrand in Paris) and 3 joined Sciences Po in Aix-en-Provence.