Emergency following Nyiragongo volcano eruption, Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo

AMADE is launching an emergency response to the Nyiragongo volcano eruption that brought 450.000 people out of 650.000 inhabitants to evacuate the capital city of North Kivu. 

Nearly 233.000 persons, including 1.400 unaccompanied children, have taken shelter into Saké, Rutshuru, Lubero, Minova and Bukavu localities.

HEAL Africa and Gingando pela Paz, partners of AMADE on the field, have identified 1.200 children, 538 of them under one year old in need of an immediate care (water, food, hygiene kits and medication) as well as a longer term support towards reintegration.

12 schools and 3 health centers were submerged by the lava flow.

Online giving : https://www.amade.org/en/support-us.html


12,5 € - Cost of an hygiene kit.

25 € -  Monthly cost for food and access to drinking water for a child under the care of HEAL Africa.

250 € - Cost of an integral care for one child inside Gingando pela Paz’s Social Capoeira Training Center during one year.


© Picture : William DUPUY