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"The social worker at Healt Africa Hospital in Goma warned me that Yvette is a very shy girl, and as soon as she speaks, her eyes close like not to see her life, not to look at her. reality. At 13 years, her little girl's body changes but she is still not a woman. Yet her stepfather begins to rape her.
- I fled the house when I realized that I was "engrossée". I knew my mother would not forgive me.
His body was not ready. Giving life leaves him with serious consequences. Several operations will be necessary to Yvette
to find a semblance of normality.
- My mother refuses to look at me, she says it's my fault if her husband is in prison.
The future looks complicated for this 15-year-old, who dreamed, not so long ago, of a loving husband and a close-knit family. "

Back in image on the awareness campaign and information "Generation Congo". This project entrusted to photographer William Dupuy, proposes through 50 portraits of children beneficiaries of AMADE projects: witch girls, street children, child soldiers ... to illustrate the life course of a Congolese generation shared between doubt and hope.