Back to image on the awareness campaign "Génération Congo"

"The young woman is elegant in her Sunday dress, she meets me at the end of the mass, without even looking at me. We are in Mayi-Mayi territory, the whites are not so frequent. I'm the first white journalist to venture around here, her attitude makes me want to know more about her.

- I'm 19 years old, I only knew the war, I can not even count number of times my family was forced to flee the village, to be afraid, to hide in the forest and to rebuild everything: that's my life.

The young woman from Chambusha village, in Walikale province, 135 km to is from Goma, does not seem optimistic Julienne was a teacher but she preferred to leave the job. The salary of 6 dollars a month was not enough for her and her 2 children. He returned to her parents and works in the fields."

Back in image on the awareness campaign "Generation Congo". This project entrusted to the photographer William Dupuy proposes through 50 portraits of children benefiting from the projects of AMADE: witch girls, street children, child soldiers ... to illustrate the life course of a Congolese generation shared between the doubt and hope.