AMADE concludes a partnership with SOFIBANQUE in the Democratic Republic of Congo

For a period of 4 years, SOFIBANQUE has signed a partnership charter with AMADE, whose membership implies respect for the rights of the child, good governance and the rigor of management in a search for Efficiency and effectiveness, financial transparency and compliance with standards in terms of preventing and combating money laundering, corruption and the financing of terrorism, as well as the quality of communication.

As part of its social responsibility policy, SOFIBANQUE is committed to participating during this partnership in numerous projects alongside AMADE for the protection, access to education and health of young girls, women and children around the world.

Three projects will receive funding in 2019 :

  • The Center Vivre et Travailler Autrement (VTA) in Kinshasa, a structure for the care of street children, especially girls called "witches",
  • The Capoeira for Peace program aims to contribute to the process of demobilization of child soldiers in the DRC,
  • The "Dignity for Women" program enables girls and women to access personal hygiene, to provide medical and psychological care for young girls and women victims of sexual violence and to promote access to education secondary school girls.

Other projects on the protection and development of the child, girls and women will be funded thereafter. The objective being for each funded project, to protect the most vulnerable populations against the violence, exploitation and abuse, to promote the development of children by contributing to access to education and to health, and finally to accompany change by advocating for girls, women and children around the world.


SOFIBANQUE is a commercial bank whose specificity and performance are based on a "business model" centered on the satisfaction of its customers by seeking quick solutions adapted to their requirements.

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