AMADE and the Lagazel solidarity box continue to illuminate Africa in 2019

650 million people still do not have access to electricity in Africa. From this observation, AMADE as part of its "Energy of Hope" program has forged a strategic partnership with Lagazel, the leading manufacturer of quality solar lamps and kits in Africa. From this partnership was born the solidarity box, a device that can offer solar lamps to the 270 million children still living today without light in Africa.

For each box bought, 5 children enlightened.

Are you a professional or just want quantity lamps? Do you want to provide solar lamps to schools to promote children's access to education? Discover without further delay the solidarity box and illuminate Africa with us -

As a reminder, as part of its "Energy of Hope" program, AMADE and Lagazel have committed themselves alongside Africa Eco Race, an international off-road rally, providing Sahelian children attending schools in rural, not connected to the electricity network and crossed by the rally (Nador-Dakar), portable solar lights.

The results of this operation for children in the Sahel have been most conclusive:

850 children were equipped with solar lamps,
15 schools were made aware of the use of solar lights,
4 hours of additional study per day per child,
200 tons of CO2 avoided per year.

Photo © Nicolas Reméné