A recipient of the "School of Life" program in the Philippines visits AMADE

This Monday, the AMADE team received on its premises the visit of ACAY, association partner of AMADE in France and the Philippines. This day of exchange and sharing of information was an opportunity to draw up a positive assessment of the AMADE actions in the Philippines for girls aged 15 to 22 who were victims of abuse, exploitation or violence. The opportunity also to hear the testimony of one of the 54 girls who are beneficiaries of the "School of Life" program.

This partnership between AMADE and ACAY in the Philippines will continue in 2019. The objective is to continue to offer young girls a new life and thus give them hope in the future.


Lani (21 years old) testifies:

 "My path is paved with suffering of all kinds, but my life is today a victory over all this. It is not my past that will define my future. There is a slogan that helped me a lot "the past is a good place to visit but certainly not a place where we have to stay". Today I have a degree in human sciences, I have my own student room, I am training to become a social worker, I am now independent. "

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