COVID 19 – AMADE acts in favor of children on the African continent

AMADE (Association Mondiale des Amis de l’Enfance), along with the Red Cross of Monaco, reacts to the fast spread of the Coronavirus epidemy and to the health crisis expected on the African continent.

On a continent where healthcare systems are already fragile, life support services are almost nonexistant and quarantine measures will be extremely difficult to enforce within a population living essentially on the informal sector, we must act now. As Dr Denis MUKWEGE, Nobel Prize winner and partner of AMADE highlighted in his call to the international community, everything must be done to prevent the virus from spreading, as quickly as possible.

Although children are not direct victims of the COVID 19 yet, they are its main carriers within their comunities and are directly impacted by schools’ shutdowns. As of April 7 2020 the majority of African countries decided to close their schools, leaving 120 million children out of primary and secondary education in Western and Central Africa.

AMADE is now mobilized, along with its partners on the field, to answer to this unprecedented emergency since World War II. The resources will be leveraged in priority to :

Prevent the epidemy from spreading through a digital campaign reminding the barrier gestures to adopt ;
Ensure the continuity of education through the production and dissemination of digital educational contents for Western African pupils ;
Quickly provide the health workers with safety gear and life support systems in the partner hospitals.

In the Principality of Monaco, the Social Fund created by AMADE within the Princess Grace Hospital Complex (CHPG), destined to help children from low income families access healthcare and to prevent vulnerability, will be activated if needed.


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