CFM Indosuez and AMADE renew their partnership

CFM Indosuez Wealth Management renews its support for AMADE through two projects: Advanced tutoring for talented middle-school students from modest backgrounds and Connected Success - Preventing school drop-out and reducing the digital divide, for an overall amount of 50,000 euros.

CFM Indosuez has been committed to supporting vulnerable children and young people since 2015 and reaffirms its commitment to taking concrete action through the financing of two projects carried out by the association:

- The project "Advanced tutoring for talented middle school students from modest backgrounds" aims to support students enrolled in the 3 REP+ (priority education network) middle schools in Nice through a mentoring system of excellence. CFM Indosuez's support enabled 60 young people to join in August 2021 for the entire school year in progress.

- The project "Connected success - Preventing school drop-out and reducing the digital divide" aims to combat the digital divide and prevent school drop-out among children enrolled in Social Assistance for Children (ASE) in the Alpes-Maritime. CFM Indosuez's support, initiated in 2020 during the first lockdown, benefited 169 young people from the PACA region. It has been extended to 37 new ASE young people who will be provided with laptops and an internet connection and will benefit from student support as part of a mentoring program.

AMADE and CFM Indosuez place the same emphasis on supporting children and young people in difficult situations. When we contacted the bank - in the midst of a pandemic - about our new projects for young people at risk of school dropout, they immediately responded. Having a partner that supports us both in urgent situations and in the long term is very valuable for our action," explains Jérôme Froissart, its Secretary General.

Taking action every day in the interest of our clients and society is the very purpose of CFM Indosuez and our entire group. “Our solidarity actions focus on two areas: the protection of vulnerable children and young people, and the protection of the environment, particularly the oceans. AMADE has been a trusted partner for us since 2015. Thanks to their expertise, we are confident that our financial support has a concrete impact on the children and young people who need it,” says Mathieu Ferragut, CEO of CFM Indosuez Wealth Management.