AMADE and CFM Indosuez Wealth Management, a sustainable partnership for access to secondary education for girls in Burundi

AMADE, as part of its philanthropic offering, and CFM Indosuez Wealth Management, committed to its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy, have been associated since 2015 in favor of access to secondary education for Orphans. and Vulnerable Children (OVC) in Burundi. 24 OVC, a majority of whom are girls, are thus enrolled in secondary school in the Matana school. Among these young people, the first 8 OVCs supported in 2015 have just successfully completed the cycle of the college and have joined the school this year.

The support of the schooling of these children, including registration fees, access to the boarding school and a mutual health, the provision of textbooks and school supplies is € 1,500 per year and is fully funded by CFM Indosuez Wealth Management.

In a country where only 32% of children go to secondary school, the Matana school offers an opportunity for OVCs who have successfully completed primary school to continue their studies at secondary level. This establishment, whose construction was financed with the support of AMADE and the Prince's Government, has a capacity of 340 students. It was inaugurated in September 2014 and is accredited by the Burundian Ministry of Education.

The school complex of Matana delivers a secondary education over 6 years (high school and high school) in accordance with the program adopted by the Ministry of Education, enriched with subjects such as applied English, courses of economic and social entrepreneurship. After only 4 years of operation, it ranks now third at the national level.

This establishment also benefits from the "Energy of Hope" program initiated by AMADE, one of whose objectives is to promote access to energy and digital education at the college level.

CFM Indosuez Wealth Management, sharing AMADE's commitment to access to quality education, has also joined forces with its digital education pilot project. This initiative has created digital libraries to facilitate student access to content and to strengthen pedagogy and faculty capabilities with appropriate tools. On the strength of its success, this initiative will be extended to other colleges in Burundi.

Since 2015, CFM Indosuez Wealth Management has contributed 161,000 euros to AMADE's programs.


Florida has been enrolled in the Matana Reference School "Friend of Children" since 2014. A brilliant student, she goes into second and wants to study medicine.
"My life was so miserable that I wondered if I was a human person like any other. I also went to school hungry and had trouble attending classes. Today I feel like the others, I study in very good conditions.

"When I started at the Matana Reference School, I was not comfortable leaving my family. I always wondered how my mother, alone, could manage to feed my brothers. I was always worried. Over time, she has gained confidence and now wants to continue her studies in order to change the living conditions of her family.

She is the eldest of a family of 5 children in Gitega Province. Despite her excellent academic performance, Ghyslaine had decided to leave school to look for work as a domestic worker in order to help her mother who does not have the financial means to access high school. In view of Ghyslaine's academic achievements, the solidarity groups referred her to the Matana Reference School, where she was admitted; they have integrated his mother into their groupings. Today, Ghyslaine is a fulfilling child because she knows that her mother is able to take care of her other brothers and sisters. She discovered a passion, that of books.