2 containers of medical equipment, medications and essential goods for Lebanon

Amade joins in with Les Amis du Liban to provide emergency and proximity support to the victims of two explosions in Beirut, Lebanon.

In a week, Les Amis du Liban managed to gather nearly 6 tons of the essential goods (food, hygiene kits, nappies...) Beirut's inhabitants currently lack.

100 000 euros worth of goods have left the Principality within two containers on August 20th. More than 3 000 families were identified by the Lebanese Red Cross to receive a package directly from Mrs Bouran Hallani, President of Les Amis du Liban.

AMADE joined forces with the Princely Government, the Monegasque Red Cross and Monaco Aide et Présence to support this initiative. 55 000 additional euros were mobilised through this partnership, and will ensure :

  •       Medication purchases for such pathologies as chronic or cardiovascular illnesses, diabetes, and other physiological disorders to the benefit of the mobile care units set up by the Libanese Red Cross.
  •       Medical equipment (hospital beds, consumables) purchases to the benefit of field hospitals set up by the Lebanese army to face the inflow of wounded civilians.