The AMADE plenary conference was held in the Principality on 3 and 4 April 2019, an opportunity for the association to discuss with its network of partners about their programs for children

AMADE's Board of Directors, under the chairmanship of HRH The Princess of Hanover, wanted to strengthen its intervention, especially on two flagship programs, of which AMADE is know the programs: "Dignity for Women", and "Energy of Hope".

The "Dignity for Women" program, initiated following the visit of HRH the Princess of Hanover to the DRC in 2016, aims to enable young girls and women to access personal hygiene, to take Physically and psychologically support girls and women who are victims of sexual violence, and promote access to secondary education for girls. Special effort will be given to the quality of education provided, through teacher training and access to educational content. In addition, AMADE will support this year particularly the schooling of girls in secondary education.

AMADE is also convinced that the issue of access to energy represents a real opportunity in terms of development for children. The aim of the "Energy of Hope" program is to promote energy and digital inclusion to promote children's access to education, health and the protection of children. A first initiative was developed in Mauritania and Senegal in partnership with Lagazel to allow schoolchildren access to energy through solar lamps. This year, AMADE plans to continue and strengthen this project to promote, through energy, children's access to digital and drinking water in partnership with OSHUN.

Since 2013, the year of the adoption of its new intervention strategy, AMADE has mobilized a total of € 3,561,203 for projects in the areas of child protection against violence, exploitation and abuse, access to education, access to health or emergency and post-emergency assistance for refugee children, migrant children or those released from armed groups. These programs now directly benefit almost 50,000 children.

The Conference organized in 2019 in the form of thematic workshops: "Dignity for Women", "Unaccompanied Minors", "Capoeira for Peace", "Health", "Energy of Hope", and "Awareness and Network AMADE" ", Brought together implementing partners, experts in the fields of intervention, donors and companies engaged with AMADE as part of their corporate social responsibility.

These two days of meetings ended with the screening of the film "My life at the EPM", realized by the association ACAY in partnership with the Penitentiary Establishment for the Minors of Marseille (EPM). This 24-minute film, shot by the minors imprisoned at the EPM, presents the places and services of this establishment in order to allow parents to be better informed about the living conditions of their children. This project is part of the circular of February 2, 2010 orientation on the action of education. In particular, it emphasizes the essential role of parents during the deprivation of their children's liberty.

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