On Thursday April 18 at the Novotel Monte-Carlo, AMADE brought together 90 members of its ecosystem: associations, social enterprises, corporate sponsors, philanthropists, foundations, thematic experts, artists... for its 2024 Partners Conference. 

This was an opportunity for AMADE to bring together its existing partners, associations and social enterprises, which it supports in their development, as well as new partners who will be supported from this year onwards. Partners came from Europe, Morocco, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Burundi, Lebanon, the United States...

The theme of this year's event was "Philanthropy for Children: Building Together to Capitalize on our Impact", a choice that emphasized two key topics for the AMADE ecosystem:
- The importance of promoting collaboration and synergies between its various partners working on behalf of vulnerable children; 
- The desire to develop a culture of impact within its ecosystem.

The Partners' Conference featured the following highlights:
- An expert round table on the subject: "Building together: the importance of support for structuring initiatives", featuring :

o Laurent Thorigné, Director of ACAY France, a French association working for the integration and non-recidivism of young people incarcerated in Marseille. Its model derives from the lessons learned by its sister association, ACAY Philippines, which created and initiated the methodologies applied in France 25 years ago.
o Françoise Nibizi, Founder and Executive Director of SaCoDé, a Burundian social enterprise that promotes health and hygiene, particularly menstrual hygiene, for young girls. AMADE is working with SaCoDé in Burundi to set up a social enterprise to produce intimate protection products for young girls, thus preventing them from dropping out of school.
o Dedo Baranshamaje, Director of Strategy at the Segal Family Foundation, an American family foundation and AMADE partner, the leading player in impact philanthropy on the African continent.

- A testimonial on mentoring by the French association Les Entretiens de l'Excellence. The aim of this project is to pair up 12 employees of a company, in this case CFM Indosuez Wealth Management in Monaco, with 12 high-school students from the Lycée Guillaume Apollinaire in Nice, for a 3-year mentoring program, until the young people obtain their baccalaureate.
This testimonial brought together all those involved in this local initiative:

o Géraldine Charles, National Referent for the Promotions of Excellence at Les Entretiens de l'Excellence,
o Virginie Bernard, Head of the CSR Department at CFM Indosuez Wealth Management and referent for the Promotions de l'Excellence,
o Julien Queri, Executive Director & Head of Overseas at CFM Indosuez Wealth Management and mentor,
o Emmanuelle, Seconde student at Lycée Guillaume Apollinaire in Nice and mentor.

The afternoon was divided into 3 parts:
- A discussion: "Impact Philanthropy according to AMADE", which aimed to review the definition of Impact Philanthropy, led by :
o Jérôme Froissart, Secretary General of AMADE
o Fabio Vitale, Head of Wealth Planning & Sustainable Solutions - Monaco at BNP Paribas Wealth Management
o Fabienne Segala, Consultant and trainer in philanthropy strategy - Private fundraising - Fundraising
- A first workshop: "L'Atelier des Connexions : Discover our Programs", which enabled participants to gather around one of AMADE's 5 programs to discuss their specific challenges, share their experiences and expectations, and learn about the innovative models implemented thanks to AMADE's support.  

o Dignity for women: Protecting young girls from abuse and gender inequality.
o Civil status for all: Guaranteeing identity and citizenship for all children to ensure access to their fundamental rights.
o Energy of hope: Promoting access to sustainable energy as a lever for development.
o One Child, One Talent: Enabling every child to express his or her full potential by supporting innovative teaching methodologies based on culture, art, sport and mentoring.
o Unaccompanied minors: Protecting young migrants from their arrival in Europe through to their social integration.
- A final workshop: "Introduction to impact assessment", led by Improve, the social impact assessment firm that supports AMADE on these issues.
The discussions around impact enabled AMADE to share its ambition to become a player in impact philanthropy for children, and to express its desire to carry out this work in collaboration with its ecosystem and various stakeholders.