The COVID19 pandemy, which rages in the world since the beginning of 2020, reached the African continent belatedly. The Democratic Republic of Congo registered its first case on March 11th, which makes it the 11th African country to be affected by the epidemy. 

In one week, seven additionnal cases were registered, and they were 207 less than a month later. Moreover this epidemy reffered by the HWO as "ennemy of mankind" is currently spreading to rural areas, including North and South Kivu Provinces in Eastern DRC.

In front of this quick evolution, the Congolese government set up a series of measures aiming at controling the circulation of the virus, such as the suspension of air traffic, schools closing and prohibition of more than 20 persons gatherings.

The Panzi hospital and the Panzi Foundation, aware that prevention of interhuman transmissions relies on adapted hygiene measures in health services and within the public space, want to help organize the response to COVID19 in South Kivu.

Panzi Hospital is therefore mobilizing its teams in order to face the crisis by insuring prevention, detection and care of "suspicious cases" and "confirmed cases" patients.

The Panzi Fondation intends to coordinate prevention and awareness activities in rural health areas of South Kivu, as well as in the Bulenga and Mulamba health centers.

In addition to the partnership with the Panzi Foundation for the protection of girls victims of sexual violence and other vulnerable children, AMADE joined this initiative in order to prevent the spread of the virus in the rural areas of South Kivu.

Completed activities

Prevention, detection and care of COVID19 cases by the Hospital of Panzi's teams

Awareness activities on hygiene measures to prevent the spread of the epidemy in rural areas of South Kivu

Emergency / Post-Emergency

COVID19 - Prévention of the epidemy in rural areas, South Kivu

  • Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The

    Sud Kivu

  • Project status


  • Duration


  • Funding

    20 000 euros

  • Beneficiaries

    Medical teams of Panzi hospital

    Population in rural health areas of Bulenga and Mulamba, more than 35 000 personnes

  • Partners

    Panzi Foundation

    Panzi hospital

    Mukwege Foundation

  • Objectives

    Support COVID19 prevention activites in rural areas of the South Kivu Province and in hospital centers of Mulamba and Bulenga.