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Cancer is the second leading cause of child mortality in more economically developed countries, after accidents. Cancer cases, increasing by 1 to 3% per year, affect 35 000 children every year in Europe, of which 6 000 of them die.

There are more than 60 cancers specific to children, primarily leukemias and brain stem tumors. While these pediatric cancers require specific treatments that do not "respond" to the treatments initially developed for adults (chemotherapy and radiotherapy), less than 2% of funds dedicated to cancer research are allocated to these cancers.

Completed activities


In 2014, AMADE helped finance research carried out by the INSERM teams in Bordeaux on pediatric brain tumors.

In 2015, this led to further support, in partnership with the Department of National Education, Youth and Sports, a programme aiming to raise awareness among school children, through the dissemination of a cartoon called "Zero ball", Specifically designed for children in school or in hospital.



Dissemination of the "Zero ball" cartoon within schools and within the Princess Grace Hospital (CHPG)


Fight against pediatric cancers

  • Monaco


  • Project status


  • Duration


  • Funding

    10 000 €

  • Beneficiaries

    INSERM Bordeaux
    Children educated or hospitalised in Monaco

  • Partners

    Fondation Flavien
    Princesse Grace Fondation
    Prince's Government - Department of Education, Youth and Sports

  • Objectives

    To fight against pediatric cancers through the support of scientific research and sick children.