Democratic Republic of Congo is facing important challenges regarding access to healthcare. In the Eastern province of North Kivu, a civil war involving different militias and armed groups generates massive movements of population which have a negative impact on an already fragile sanitary situation.

In this province, low access to emergency obstetric care due to geographic constraints, late or bad medical care, early and rape-related pregnancies, along with popular beliefs regarding health, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV, have an impact on children and mothers' health. 

Child mortality rate in this area reaches an estimated 128 deaths for 1 000 births, 25 times more than the European rate. As for the maternal mortality, it reaches 549 women out of 100 000 births, being 36 times higher than the European numbers.

Heal Africa has been developing an expertise in terms of access to healthcare, capacity building of medical staff and psychosocial and economic care for the most vulnerable populations in the North Kivu province for nearly 20 years. In 2019, more than 46 000 patients were cared for in this hospital complex. 1 700 childbirths and more than 25 000 prevention activities (prenatal, postnatal, and preschool check-ups, nutrition, and family planning activities) were also carried out. In addition, community projects (Healthcare, education, and empowerment of vulnerable populations) undertaken with partner-health centres in 4 provinces (Maniema, Ituri, Tshopo and Low-Uelé) benefited to nearly 90 000 persons.

During an official trip to Goma, H.R.H the Princess of Hanover, AMADE’s President, could talk with Heal Africa’s teams regarding the development of mother and child healthcare services within the hospital, which are benefitting a target population of 9 000 persons every year.

Completed activities

The partnership with Heal Africa aims at increasing access to primary and community healthcare for women and children through the construction and equipment of a mother and child-dedicated health centre.

This 705 square meter - building will house prenatal consultation, family planning, nutrition, HIV/AIDS care, and vaccination services, on three floors.

Results found

Each year the centre will enable the medical care for:

- 1 000 women who have reached sexual maturitY

- 2 000 young girls, women, and children victims of sexual violence

- 5 000 pregnant women, young mothers, and new-borns

- 400 women suffering from HIV/AIDS

- 800 malnourished or HIV-positive children


Construction of a Mother-Child community health centre in Goma

  • Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The


  • Project status

    Funding allocated

  • Duration


  • Funding

    225 637 euros

  • Beneficiaries

    Pregnant women and new-borns

    Women and children victims of sexual violence

    Women and children suffering from HIV/AIDS

    Malnourished children

  • Partners

    HEAL Africa

    Ministry of Health

  • Objectives

    Increasing access to primary and community healthcare for women and children in North Kivu

    Strengthening healthcare services in Heal Africa Hospital