In Mali, the majority of deaths among children under the age of 5 are linked to benign infectious diseases, which are entirely avoidable and can be treated with locally available medicines: pneumonia, malaria and diarrheal diseases represent 60% of infant mortality cases. In addition, 38% of children suffer from chronic malnutrition, which increases their vulnerability to such diseases. Infant-juvenile mortality rates remain very high in urban areas due to a lack of care, despite the presence of numerous care facilities and skilled personnel. This is mainly due to lack of financial accessibility, families' lack of knowledge and mistrust of primary care facilities.

Based on its recognized and recently capitalized experience in the field of health prevention / mediation and on strategic partnerships established with the actors of universal health coverage, Santé Sud deploys to the informal and indigent populations of Commune 3 of Bamako a provision of health services and comprehensive social protection, following the path from prevention to recovery.

This project focuses on a close partnership with the Malian institutions (Union Technique de la Mutualité Malienne, Agence Nationale d’Assistance Médicale) and the dissemination of health insurance schemes to target populations (informal populations and indigent populations) thanks to the health mediation strategy developed by Santé Sud.

Completed activities

Individual sensitization of mothers during regular home visits.

Continuing education of health mediation agents with the support of health centers.

Educational chats to sensitize the community to prevention and the rapid use of care.

Monitoring individual vaccination status among Djantoli subscribers during their visits and alerting parents about vaccine and recall dates.

Dissemination of the provision of care and information to families on the services available in the health centers and social protection plan.

Organization of workshops to share approaches and transfer methodologies with the actors in charge of health coverage and the health care system.

Results found

42 524 sensibilization sessions were led within the population of the 3rd district of Bamako, especially with mothers through talks and home visits to help them increase their knowledge of health practices. At least 5 000 persons were impacted by these sensibilization sessions ;

100 % of the children followed by the project were controlled on their immunisation schedule ;

5 760 persons benefitted from UTM and ANAM's social protection systems (5563 benefitted from AMV+ and 197 benefitted from RAMED +) during the project ;

1775 children under five beneffited from home follow-up.


Access to a complete health coverage for all the family in commune 3 of Bamako

  • Mali


  • Project status


  • Duration

    2017 - 2019

  • Funding

    110 000 €

  • Beneficiaries

    5 000 mothers sensitized
    3 500 beneficiaries of social protection plan
    1 500 children under 5 years old

  • Partners

    Santé Sud
    Agence Nationale d’Assistance Médicale (ANAM)
    Union Technique de la Mutualité Malienne (UTM)
    Gouvernement Princier

  • Objectives

    Improve sustainably the health of children under 5 in Commune 3 of Bamako by guaranteeing families access to care from the first symptoms