Following requests from the Établissement Pénitentiaire pour Mineurs de Marseille (EPM) and schools, as well as experience gained with young people in conflict with the law in the Philippines, the ACAY association initiated the Seconde Chance program in Marseille, a program built around innovative educational strategies and a support system for the reintegration of young people in conflict with the law.

ACAY Marseille is one of the few associations to ensure continuity of care for minors in and out of detention, in a spirit of restorative justice, through its innovative "Seconde Chance Marseille" support program.

The program is built around three main areas of intervention: preventing delinquency among pupils with learning difficulties (prevention), curbing recidivism among incarcerated minors (rehabilitation), and helping minors released from prison to reintegrate into society (reintegration). Every year, 80% of young people supported on release from prison succeed in their studies or professional careers, 90% of young people supported in detention behave better with their peers, 450 schoolchildren and 80 incarcerated minors are sensitized.

ACAY Marseille's 2023-2024 development plan focuses both on the existing support system and on capitalizing on these 7 years of experience.


A new support program dedicated to young people coming out of delinquency helps 8 young people to consolidate their skills and build their socio-professional future. These young people also form the network of ambassadors for ACAY's methodology to institutional and social players in France (legal institutions, integration associations, companies, etc.), testifying to their experiences and the impact of ACAY's expertise.


Similarly, building on 25 years of experience in the Philippines, the modeling of the "Métamorphose" methodology and the ambition to expand, ACAY Marseille aims to conceptualize its support programs with a view to expanding them to social players in France.

Completed activities


The annual "Agis sur ta vie" school retention training program is aimed at 3rd year SEGPA students who have dropped out of or are at risk of dropping out of the Saint-Vincent de Paul middle school.


It aims to develop self-esteem and interpersonal skills, and to help them discover their potential. It also helps students identify their areas of interest to help them choose a career path at the end of 3ème.

The following activities are carried out within the framework of this program: individual interviews; mobilization for a solidarity and sports challenge; group workshops; mobilization of friends and family; workshops to discover the world of work; coordination with teaching teams.


The "Change de cap" (Change of course) program, in detention or placement, enables minors placed under house arrest to initiate awareness, openness to others and the acquisition of psychosocial skills, as a basis for the realization of a personal life project.


The following activities are carried out within the framework of this program: diagnostic interviews; group and individual training workshops; mobilization of young people for a solidarity and sports challenge; raising awareness among families; coordination with referent educators.

The "Rising to the Challenge" program focuses on a post-detention review of achievements, difficulties and lessons learned, the development of potential and the implementation of projects to promote social and professional reintegration.

The following activities are carried out under this scheme: grants to finance driving licenses; vocational workshops; team-building weekends; family visits; liaison with referral educators, associative partners and PJJ educational units.

In order to develop this training pathway, support young people coming out of delinquency in consolidating their skills and building their socio-professional future, and create a network of ambassadors able to testify to the impact of ACAY's expertise, a new "Dare to lead" scheme has been set up to consolidate the program.


1. Accompanied young people acquire psychosocial skills to improve their behavior and develop their potential.

2. Accompanied young people are re-mobilized on their reintegration path and their life project.

3. Accompanied young people achieve academic or professional success.

4. The "Ose le leadership" program completes ACAY's support for young people's socio-professional reintegration.

5. ACAY Marseille's support system is conceptualized and the "Métamorphose" methodology is used to increase impact with young people.

6. ACAY strengthens its institutional partnership for better monitoring of minors and young adults in the hands of the law in places of detention and placement in the SUD region.

7. ACAY develops its network of institutional and operational partners with a view to disseminating its methodology.


Seconde Chance Marseille, a support program for delinquency prevention

  • France


  • Project status

    In progress

  • Duration


  • Funding

    42 000 euros

  • Beneficiaries

    13 students in their last year of middle school in a Enseignement Général et Professionnel Adapté (SEGPA) class at Saint-Vincent de Paul middle school (Marseille).

    150 young people incarcerated in 8 prisons for minors and adults (EPM Marseille, Avignon-Le Pontet, Quartier pour mineurs d'Aix-Luynes, Toulon, les Baumettes-Marseille and Draguignan)

    35 young people released from prison (former minors released from delinquency with academic or professional achievements)

    8 young ACAY ambassadors

    Educators from the Protection Judiciaire de la Jeunesse (PJJ) and teachers who accompany the young people involved in the ACAY training programs.

  • Partners

    Operator: ACAY France

    Institutional partners :

    Ministry of Justice

    Bouches du Rhône Departmental Council

    Bouches du Rhône and Vaucluse police headquarters

  • Objectives

    1. Encourage young people in difficulty to stay in school and contribute to the rehabilitation and reintegration of minors in conflict with the law.

    2. Capitalising 7 years of experience within ACAY Marseille and reinforcing the accompaniment pathways by relying on methodology "Metamorphose" developed by ACAY Philippines.

    3. Strengthen and develop ACAY Marseille's ecosystem of partners with a view to spreading its expertise.