Promotion de l'Excellence - Professional mentoring, a means of helping talented middle and high s-1
Promotion de l'Excellence - Professional mentoring, a means of helping talented middle and high s-2

Every year, almost 100,000 young people leave the school system without a diploma, 4 out of 10 students in their final year of secondary school don't know where they want to go, and 1 out of 2 students feels poorly supported during their school years. These indicators can be explained by a lack of understanding of how the French school system and the world of work functions, a strong divide between urban and rural environments, and the conditioning of failure that penalizes families from modest backgrounds. Social determinism remains a reality despite all the efforts made, since young people from modest backgrounds, children of blue-collar or white-collar workers, are 2.5 times less likely to obtain a higher diploma at bac+2 level than children of executives.


Against this backdrop, Les Entretiens de l'Excellence has set itself the mission of promoting equal access to career guidance for all, by giving young people in vulnerable situations the opportunity to talk to professionals with atypical and inspiring backgrounds, with a view to raising their ambitions and broadening their prospects.


To achieve this, it deploys a program built around 3 schemes: les Tournées de l'Excellence, les Promotions de l'Excellence and les Entretiens de l'Excellence Live.
The program is deployed in 42 cities across France, in partnership with 850 partner schools and leading academic institutions (Polytechnique, ESSEC, Sciences Po, etc.), mobilizing 3,500 professional speakers and impacting 100,000 high school students.


A pilot project will be launched in partnership with the Lycée Guillaume Apollinaire in Nice, involving 12 students in the second year of secondary school, accompanied by 12 mentors from CFM Indosuez Wealth Management.

Completed activities

Promotion de l'Excellence - Professional mentoring, a means of helping talented middle and high school students build their career plans

  • France


  • Project status

    In progress

  • Duration


  • Funding

    25000 euros

  • Beneficiaries

    12 high school students gain a better understanding of the business world and acquire the life skills they need to build their career plans.

    12 mentors are mobilized within the company to support the students.

  • Partners

    Les Entretiens de l'Excellence

    CFM Indosuez Wealth Management

  • Objectives

    Give talented middle and high school students the chance to build their career plans with the support of mentors from the professional world:
    - Acquire greater ease in public speaking and gain self-confidence in self-presentation to introduce themselves and master their posture and body language.
    - Discover and master corporate codes and acquire new behaviours skills and know-how.
    - Gain knowledge of how a company operates and build a professional project